Valet+ APC

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Auto Glanz Valet+ APC - Versatile All Purpose Cleaner

Auto Glanz Trade APC - Powerful APC for a wide variety of tasks. Just dilute the product to the task at hand. Valet+ APC can be diluted from 1:5 all the way up to 1:200. For use on delicate alloy, interior and exterior plastics, fabrics and paintwork at different dilutions ratios. Designed to offer extensive cleaning power and value for money.

Your Multi-Tool

Trade APC is the multi-tool in your car care business or in your private car care setup.

This APC can be used for almost all tasks. It does not matter if it is inside or outside on your car / truck / motorcycle / or caravan - then Valet+ APC is an indispensable product.

APC’s are nothing new. But APCs that are comfortable to work with are. This APC has a pleasant banana scent, which is better than a harsh chemistry scent, if you for example are lying with your head down in an engine compartment 😉

A few examples

We have tested Valet+ APC both indoors and outdoors extensively. 

A couple of use cases could be:


At a dilution ratio of 1:25 we used it on leather steering wheel and plastic surfaces. Spray directly on microfiber, and then wipe off. On surfaces where there was a lot of dirt, we just used a detailing brush to just agitate the area. Soiling and body grease was easily removed from the leather steering wheel, as well as dirt from door trims.


At a dilution ratio of 1:5, we used it as a tyre and wheel cleaner. And even though we could make the wheels bleed afterwards with Fallout Remover - the wheels were clean. On tyres, it pretty much immediately pulled old dirt out of the tyre walls. Just as it should be!

Use Valet+ APC the following mixing ratios, then it becomes an indispensable chemistry for everyday life:

Very dirty: 1:5

Medium dirty: 1:25

Light dirty: 1:100-200 


  • Safe to use on alloy wheels
  • Safe to use on delicate interior surfaces
  • Non-caustic
  • Super concentrated 

How To Guide: 

  1. Shake well before diluting
  2. Dilute to the purpose
  3. Spray Valet+ APC on the area to be treated
  4. Let it dwell for a moment
  5. Depending on whether it is indoor / outdoor - wipe it off or rinse the product

Note: Diluted at Medium is Valet+ APC is “wax-safe”