Triggergun for Kärcher K-Series

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Auto Glanz Pistol grip for K-Series - Premium upgrade for your pressure washer

With our Auto Glanz Pistol grip, you can greatly upgrade the experience of using your pressure washer. The gun handle is super short, which increases your control and makes it easier to flush places you normally can't reach properly with the pressure washer's original handle. The pistol grip has a rotatable swivel, which minimizes the high-pressure hose from curling up. The trigger runs frictionless and smoothly, and a special "5 in 1" nozzle is included, in which you can adjust the spread of the jet in 5 different degrees (!) The pistol grip uses the quick-release system, which is why it is compatible with all accessories that use this standard. The gun is "Plug & Play" with Kärcher's K models.

There you must have this pistol grip !

Why replace the pistol grip on your high-pressure cleaner at all? Yes, because first of all it is big, clumsy and just not particularly handy to work with. You can't really get close to the car and it's a hassle to get up into the edges of the fenders, into the corners of the rims and into the door jambs. In addition, on the originals you have to place your foam lance so far out on the handle that it becomes heavy and cumbersome to work with. 

Next, with the Auto Glanz Pistol grip you get an "all-in-one" nozzle, where by turning the nozzle you choose the spread/strength of the beam. You therefore avoid having dowels lying around and floating. 

The nozzle fits on the nose of the handle facing the car and runs with Quick Release coupling. That is all accessories that you use in the future must support this coupling. 

The swivel at the bottom of the gun is rotatable. You may not have to say goodbye to the hassle if the high-pressure hose on your cleaner is a little stiff. But it helps enormously that the snake can follow along better. 

Brand new hose coupling

Auto Glanz Pistol Grip carries on the legacy of our popular PWP Pistol Grip, of which we have sold more than 2,000 (!) pieces. of while this is being written. Time will tell whether it will be a real replacement or an upgrade option, but it is a better product in several respects, which in our view outweighs the small additional price that the product has. 

The one point is the connection device itself. That is where the high-pressure hose is mounted in the pistol grip. On our PWP model, this offal is made of plastic. On the Auto Glanz pistol grip, the interior is made of brass and so the locking mechanism just runs tighter and nicer. This also means that the handle can cope with higher bar and water pressure - just as the handle can be used with hot water. 

And speaking of more deliciously, the trigger just runs smoother, just like the pistol grip itself is super compact!

Normally we don't give any guarantees for anything, but we are convinced that whether you upgrade from our PWP Pisto grip or your pressure washer's original grip, you will be very satisfied !!

Contents / Specifications / Compatibility / Maintenance

Contents in the box:

  • Pistol grip
  • 5in1 nozzle with spreads in the ranges 0, 15, 25, 40 & 65 degrees
  • Coupling for high pressure hose
  • Paktape


  • Max water pressure: 280 bar / 4000 PSI
  • Max water flow: 1500 liters per hour
  • Max water temperature: 150 degrees


Kärcher K3, K4, K5, K7


We recommend that you lubricate the bearings in the Quick Release clutch often/preferably after each use. The tenants here are not  ;stainless, which is why they will get stuck if these are not continuously cared for.

Also lubricate the piston that drives the trigger with grease or similar lubricant.

Store frost-free ! Complaint covers