Valet+ Strong Fallout Remover

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Auto Glanz Trade Strong Fallout Remover - Extra strong

Strong Fallout Remover is an extra powerful fly rust remover and rim cleaner, specially developed for business use. The product has a fast indicator and therefore quickly dissolves metal particles on all exterior surfaces. The product also works as a good rim cleaner, as it is good with lubricant and therefore foams up easily during use. Unlike other similar products, the product is dilutable in up to 1: 6. It therefore potentially provides a great deal of product for the money.

"We want more power!"

Strong Fallout Remover is a further development of our popular Fallout Remover, which has long been a favorite among our professional customers. But as a professional, you want to work more efficiently and even faster - which is why our customers wanted Fallout Remover to be even stronger and react even faster. With that background going back to the pots, added a greater content of active ingredients - so Fallout Remover is now even more powerful!

Strong Fallout Remover as the product will be called in the future is what the name is. A particularly powerful fly rust remover. Ie. the similar products decompose burnt metal particles faster and leave fewer for subsequent mechanical removal (claybar). Some may find that it is not always necessary to use the product cleanly - which is why Strong Fallout Remover can be diluted up to 1: 6. Ie. If you have a car that is well maintained and where you want to continuously treat for fly rust, well then you have the opportunity to dilute the product. So even though the price may be higher than similar products, keep in mind that by diluting the product you may get twice or 3 times as much product as in similar products. & Nbsp;


Strong Fallout Remover contains lots of lubricant. It creates low friction between your rim brushes and rims, but also gives a foam so that the dirt that is touched is lifted to the surface - so that it can subsequently be rinsed off more easily. & Nbsp;

The lubricant also makes it possible to apply the product to the paint, and then touch the paint with e.g. one's washing hand or microfiber cloth. This will increase the efficiency of the solution of flight rust. & Nbsp;

Note: 1 liter spray head not included.


Shake the product before use / Dilute if desired.

  1. Pre-wash / remove all loose dirt
  2. Spray the product directly on the surface to be treated
  3. Let the product work for a few minutes - then touch the surface if necessary
  4. Rinse the product with a strong jet

Note: Do not use in direct sunlight and on hot surfaces