Tire Shine Applikator

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Auto Glanz & nbsp; Tire Shine Applicator - Great applicator for your tire shine

With our Tire Shine Applicator, you get a practical applicator with a good grip for applying four shine on any tire side. The applicator is made of a 2-part layer of foam, where the upper part where you hold - is in a stronger material. On the contrary, the wavy surface is soft - so you can more easily apply your favorite tire shine between all the slats / writing on the side of the tire.

No greasy patches!

When we had to find an applicator for tire shine, the requirement was that it should be one that did not give and greasy hands when using it. A tire shine is often the last product you apply to your car after washing it. And there you are with your nice clean hands after the car wash, which of course you do not bother to have greased into anything again.

The applicator has a hexagonal grip on the back, which makes it fit well in the hand. Yes, it's not enough, it's easy to hold - so you do not lose it. In fact, the part of the foam is of a slightly harder type, so you can squeeze quite a lot on it without the flexer.

Opposite the hard side where you hold - the side where you apply your tire shine is soft and wavy. This makes it super easy to apply your favorite tire shine evenly over the entire tire side.

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  • Hexagonal grip that makes it easy to hold
  • Soft wavy foam that makes the benefit of product easy and smooth
  • Washable - in lukewarm water after use.