Teddy Glove

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Auto Glanz Teddy Glove - Multi-purpose Microfiber hand

Teddy Clove is a large and soft teddy bear hand that can be used for a multitude of different purposes. The hand is made of soft microfiber, with a side in gray and orange. Teddy Glove can be used for traditional car washing, for cleaning rims - or for example. for cleaning hard surfaces in the cabin. In fact, the possibilities are virtually inexhaustible and it is only your own imagination that sets the limit. By having a hand to have your fingers, it is easier to grab around different things. Whether it's down behind a door handle during washing, around and your steering wheel when you clean in the cabin - or behind the spokes on your rims, is entirely up to you!

It's just cool!

Yes, you've seen it. A TEDDY BAND !? Yes, it may sound a little strange on the surface. But try to consider what you can do when you have the softest microfiber wrapped around your entire palm? Yes, it does offer quite a few possibilities:

  • Car wash - on surfaces that can be a little difficult to get to. For example. in false, behind handle
  • Rim cleaning. Allows you to grip the spokes
  • Interior. Great for cleaning steering wheel and gear selector. Makes it easy to touch surfaces
  • Applying a seal. Spray the sealer on your hand and spread it with one side and wipe with the other!

.... And that's how we could go on!

Microfiber as you know it ...

Teddy Glove is wrapped in microfiber. The fiber is the type that you will find in towels from. ca 350+ GSM. It is not quite as tight as the terry towels, but has a bit of plush. It provides a good balance with "softness" and the ability to grab and absorb both product and possibly dirt.


  • Wash with Auto Glanz Microwash for microfiber of max 40 degrees
  • Feel free to tumble dry - it will open the fibers.
  • Never use fabric softener
  • Do not mix it with microfiber towels with very short or very long fibers.
  • Wash it separately if it is very dirty.
  • Never mix with very dirty towels


If I want to use it for interior design - what works so well?
  • Use e.g. Mist Interior Details. Spray on one side and distribute the product. Turn the Teddy Glove to the other side and dry
If I want to use it to clean my rims - what works so well?
  • Use e.g. Hoops rim shampoo . Dip into the shampoo via the wash bucket and grip around the rims. Super good experience!