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Auto Gloss Supernova - Seal'N'Shine!

Supernova from Auto Glanz is a combined glaze and paint sealant. Ie. that you get a product that can cover minor imperfections in the paint, and still give it a super nice shine - while protecting the paint. Supernova can act alone, or as a base under any wax. Both the application and the wiping are easy - and the result is fantastic!

What a shine ..

A Glaze is in its natural form, a product that covers minor imperfections in the paint. It works in a way that it levels the surface, so that the paint looks more even. Smoother surface gives better reflections and thus a more glossy finish. And that shine is spot on!

On one of our own "daily's" we tested Supernova. 

A white car, where just a high gloss can give it that mirror-like effect. But it can be difficult to make a white car look shiny - unless it is newly polished. 

Honestly, the car is a “wife car”. And, it does not necessarily get as much love. But ... A wash and a simple ride with Supernova left the car like a mirror and well protected for the next few months.

Paint sealant

Supernova contains some of the elements found in the paint sealer Synth Seal and the Quick Detailer Smooth Velvet. This means that the product binds super well on the paint - and you really get that velvety-like surface. That softness, really gets you addicted. 

The durability of a single treatment is a few months, unless you top it up continuously with a wax or spray wax. It is highly recommended to top it with a carnauba or other synthetic wax from Auto Glanz!

Easy to work with

There is not much magic to application. Use a good applicator in microfiber or foam and spread it thinly. Everything you wipe is basically excess product, so a little bit will get you really far.

The distribution is easy. There is no need to wipe it thin. Give it 1-2 min so that it just evaporates a bit - and then you wipe it off. Then you should enjoy a fantastic looking paint!

Contents: 500 ml (and that provides for many treatments)


How To Guide: 

Supernova can be used right after polishing or right after washing your car.

It is always a good idea to use a paint prep to ensure that the paint is completely clean before applying Supernova. This gives you better binding which gives you a better durability of the product.

  1. Apply a small amount of product on applicator
  2. Apply thinly on one panel at a time (door)
  3. Let the product sit for 1-2 min
  4. Wipe with a Auto Glanz Laser Edge Towel

If it feels difficult to wipe off, you can use a quick detailer such as Smooth Velvet for wiping.

If you want to top up with a wax - wait 1-2 hours, before doing so.