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Auto Glanz Spritzer - When you want lots of cleaning power!

Spritzer is an extremely effective and incredibly affordable citrus-based pre-wash, which can be used both via pump sprayer or foam lance. It is far more effective than a pH-neutral pre-wash, which is why it removes road grime and insects easily, even if it is diluted at a high ratio. This makes pre-washing easier and faster - and also gives you the benefit that it takes less touch on the car, to get it clean after pre-washing.

Plenty of power!

When reading that Spritzer can be diluted in 1:30 in the foam lance, or all the way down to 1: 250 in a pump sprayer, you might think: “Is there going to be any clinchy foam on the paint?”

And you might double check - when you’ve only put 30 ml of product in the foam lance. Usually you use 100, yes for some products all the way up to 300 ml product - when you perform your pre-wash. But not with Spritzer!

Clearly, Spritzer will at this dilution, not make that shaving foam piece of foam. But, it does make a really nice and long lasting adhesive foam. In fact, we let it sit for 10 min - and still had foamy areas. 

Using a test car that had ridden on the good side of 1000 kilometers of road grime and well covered in insects - we put Spritzer to the test. 


It did not disappoint. The front was 95% clean after it was rinsed off. And the rest of the car was clean! And once you tried a pre-wash like this - you want it all the time - because:

This means: 

Less touch in the washing phase. Less touch = Less risk of washing scratches!

Wax safe

As mentioned, Spritzer is super concentrated. It is not caustic and only mildly alkaline. This means that if you dilute it correctly - then you get a product that does not break down your paint sealer or wax. It also does not damage your ceramic coating, should you have one on your paint - just as it does not damage glass, plastic and trim.

Choose Spritzer if you want a product that needs to be more effective than the typical pH-neutral snow foam, sacrificing some of that beautiful snow foam. 


  • Great in the winter to remove lots of road grime
  • Great in the summer to remove insects
  • Incredibly concentrated. Can be mixed completely to 1:250!
  • Can be used in foam sprays, pump sprays or foam lance
  • Safe to use on all surfaces at correct dilutions. Do not wear off paint sealer or wax. Does not damage your coating. 

How To Guide: 

Spritzer can be used in several ways. You control the force!

  • Typical prewash in foam sprayer - From 1:25 and up to 1: 250
  • When used in foam lance - Use between 25-200 ml Spritzer and fill the rest with warm water.

Note: If you dilute more strongly (use more product), it can degrade some types of paint protection products.

  1. Apply on the desired surface
  2. Let the product work for a few minutes
  3. Rinse with high pressure / plenty of water