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Auto Glanz Spar-Tar - Get rid of glue and tar with ease

With Spar-Tar you get an extremely effective glue, tar, grease and silicone remover. Instead of adding water, Spar-Tar is developed on the solvents found in hydrocarbonate. It's a little more expensive - but provides a far more effective product. 

The gel formula makes the product adhere and work longer on the surface, and makes sure it doesn’t drip onto the ground and make marks on tiles etc. Unlike other tar removers, the residue can be easily rinsed off the surface after wiping. 

The red colour makes it easy to see where the product is working.

Better with gel

You have just washed your car and should enjoy the result and what do you see then? Small black stains on the varnish from tar, which spoils the freshly washed look. What do you do?

Well, you simply grab the Spar-Tar and spray it on the dry surface. Immediately you will be able to see that the tar dissolves and you can shortly after just wipe the tar with a dry microfiber cloth. 

Wash and wipe the area again - and you’re good to go!

What we really like about Spar-Tar is the gel form. This makes it stay where you spray it and means you get more power - as it does not run off as easy. 

Decomposes with water

Do you know when you rinse water on tar removers and then it just pearls/beads the water instead of taking it off? This is not how Spar-Tar is. Auto Glanz has formulated the chemistry so that the product dissolves when it comes in contact with water. Therefore, the product is easier to remove from the paint afterwards, simply by rinsing thoroughly with water.


  • Can be used to remove glue, tar, grease and silicone
  • Gel form. Clings on the paint and works longer
  • Easy to remove again just with water (recommended to wash the surface with shampoo afterwards)

How To Guide:

  1. Apply on a clean and dry surface
  2. Spray the product on the desired area
  3. Let the product work for a moment and wipe with a piece of microfiber
  4. After wiping, rinse the area off. We recommend that you wash with a shampoo.

Do not use on hot surfaces and in direct sunlight. The product must not dry on the surface.