Soft Finish Pad

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Auto Glanz Soft Finish Pad - When the gloss needs to be raised

Soft Finish Pad is the obvious choice for polishing clear lacquer where you want the gloss raised to the highest level - possibly after rougher lacquer correction where there are still holograms in the lacquer. The disc is made of heat-resistant foam, which is why it does not become soft in the same way as a traditional polishing disc. This makes it harder for the disc to deform and the smaller heat build-up ensures a durability of 5-6 times longer than ordinary foam polishing discs. The disc has a trapezoid shape and slightly rounded edges. It provides good stability and utilization of the jaws of the dual action polishing machine - also good flexibility on curved and angular body parts.

Price per PCS. (Polishing discs in 1.4 & 2.2¨ are sold exclusively in packs of 5)

Soft - but hardly that soft

With their soft disc, Auto Glanz has chosen to go in a direction where you get a disc that is soft enough for gloss polishing - but still has enough bite to remove holograms from rougher polishing.

As a professional, you probably know that after coarser polishing with either wool or microfiber - the scratches have been removed, but you still have some sanding marks and holograms. Many fine polishing discs tend to be too soft for that. In this case, it requires much more of the polishing agent to get a proper result. Contrary to the Soft Finish Pad here, you get a really fine hologram removal - even very, very fine polishes.

Heat resistant

Auto Glanz uses a so-called heat-resistant or thermo-resistant foam on their foam polishing discs. That is that where a traditional disc in foam loses 60-80% of its grinding power when heat is applied to it - this does not happen in nearly the same way with Auto Glanz heat-resistant polishing discs. In this way, the disc will maintain its grinding power, even with repeated polishing steps. And at the same time, the polishing disc will last 5-6 times longer than traditional foam polishing discs.


We recommend blowing the disc after each pass with a tornado gun. And occasionally clean it via a pad washer.

Polishing should be done with 1-2 discs in rotation. That is polish half a front flap or half a door - and switch to a cleaned and cooled disc.

Clean, cooled discs grind better and last longer.