Soft Bristle Wheel Brush

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Auto Glanz Soft Bristle Wheel Brush - When nylon needs to be soft

With Soft Bristle Wheel Brush, you get a soft wheel brush in nylon. The brush is the opposite of traditional nylon brushes, made with a softer and more flexible nylon fiber - which reduces the risk of scratching your rims during use. The brush is also flexible, so the brush head can be bent. This allows the brush to enter behind the spokes, or e.g. used in the inner fenders and engine compartment. To achieve the best experience with the brush, we recommend soaking it in your rim bucket for 10 minutes before use. This will make the nylon fibers extra soft. 

The brush we've been looking for

After a lot of R&D and testing of different wheel brushes, the Soft Bristle Wheel Brush is one of the best nylon brushes you will find on the market - in our opinion. 

Nylon brushes have a bit of a tarnished reputation, as the fibers are often coarse, stiff and sometimes both scratch and fray. Preserved, they clean very well as they have good scrubbing power. But less can do it!

Soft Bristle Wheel Brush goes a bit against the trend with the stiff nylon fibers. Keep in mind, on the surface, the untrained person may not notice the big difference between different brushes. But, it is when the brush is soaked in water - that the magic happens. Here the nylon fibers become soft and you notice that the brush first of all does not get dirty (to the same extent) as similar brushes. Next, the brush is much gentler. 

Know it inside out

Same brush, you can bend/break where you want. This allows you to get behind the spokes of the rim - yes, or simply adapt it to the subject you are working on. 

Soft Bristle Wheel Brush is available in a large and a small brush. While the large one is good for rims or areas with large openings, the small one is the opposite. 

How to use the rim brush: 

  1. Fill your rim bucket with water (preferably warm/warm)
  2. Place your Soft Bristle Wheel Brush in the bucket
  3. Wait 5-10 minutes and then start using the brush.
  4. After use, rinse the brush clean of chemicals/dirt. Hang it up to dry
  5. if necessary

The bristles on the brush will deform and make the brush look non-uniform if the brush is simply placed while the bristles are wet/soft. However, this can be remedied from time to time, be sure to use the brush according to our instructions.