Snow Storm Foam Cannon (without adapter)

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Auto Gloss Snow Storm Foam Cannon - Smart foam lance!

With this Snow Storm Foam Cannon from Auto Glanz, you get a super smart foam lance filled with a lot of cool features. It is the ideal accessory for applying prewash products such as Piste or Spritzer in a nice thick layer, even with low-pressure machines. The foam lance comes with a replaceable nozzle, so you can adjust the back pressure even if you have a small high-pressure cleaner. The container itself is made of impact-resistant HDPE plastic and has a large mouth, so it is easy to fill products - even from a large can. The suction hose has a weight, so even if you turn this foam lance on its side - it still sucks up from the bottle. The spread of the foam can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. Unlike other lances, extra filters are included so you can maintain the lance. Super smart! 

Goodbye Tumble-Peter

Snow Storm is just the foam lance that we are sure you will love already when you unpack it out of the box. Here you get a foam lance which is really screwed together and which you can see on the design, is a little different from the other foam lances we have in the shop.

The first thing you notice is the container itself. It is conical with a large bottom. Many foam lances are typically "nest-heavy", so they tip over when you place them somewhere. Super annoying! But Snow Storm here, it only stands when you set it. 

The plastic bottle also has a large opening. Ie. it is much easier to dose your prewash product in the foam lance without pouring it all over the place. Even, you should dose without a pump from e.g. and 5 liter container.

Last but not least, the plastic bottle is transparent and with frying dimensions per. 100 ml. This makes it easy to dose according to the prescription. 

More adjustment options

Normal foam launchers allow you to adjust the spread of the foam vertically. Ie. how large a spread the foam should be. Snow Storm also allows you to turn the jet so you can apply your prewash horizontally. It allows you more flexibility when using the foam lance. 

And speaking of adjustment options, the foam lance comes mounted with a 1.25 mm nozzle in the foam lance. The nozzle is the one that creates the back pressure and which helps to determine the thickness of the foam. The 1.25 mm nozzle is the perfect "sweetspot" for the vast majority of high-pressure cleaners sold. & Nbsp; Ergo, then with the vast majority of high-pressure cleaners you will be able to produce a really nice foam, of course subject to the product you use, water pressure, hardness of the water, etc. 

The little extra

Do you have what we call a low pressure machine. Ie. a small hobby cleaner of less than 130 bar, we often see that the nozzle in the foam lance must be changed to a 1.1 mm nozzle in order to deliver a proper foam. It is an extra print on the other foam lances we sell. But with the Snow Storm Foam Lance, which comes with a 1.1 mm nozzle! So, even if you have a small cleaner, you can benefit from the foam lance here. 

And speaking of joy and benefit - so when you buy this foam lance, you are meant to have this for a long time. What we mean is that over time, the filter in the foam lance will become worn / clogged and require replacement. But luckily, extra filters are included - so you can service it & nbsp; when needed. FEDT!


Snow Storm is recommended for use on high pressure cleaners with the following specifications:

  • Max 150 bar (with supplied nozzles)
  • Maximum water pressure of 21 l / m
  • Maximum water temperature of 60 degrees (Hot water use) & nbsp;

Snow Storm can be used on machines running at higher bar pressures - but not greater water flow. However, it will require the nozzle in the foam lance to be changed to a 1.4 mm to eliminate the high pressure cleaner pulsing.


  • 1 liter container
  • Coupling of your choice
  • 3 filter elements for a service
  • 1.1 mm nozzle (1.25 mm mounted in the foam lance)

Daily use and maintenance:

  • Always use the chemical manufacturer's indicative mixing ratio
  • Always empty the foam lance after use. Rinse it thoroughly and run a bottle of clean water through it. This ensures that soap residues do not build up in the filter
  • If the lance is not used for a long time (over the winter) - do a full service incl. filter change and remove the filters from the foam lance.
  • Keep it frost-free. 


    I do not get the same foam as you show in photos / videos. Why is that?

    • The thickness of the foam depends on:
      • Your high pressure cleaner
      • Water pressure / Water flow
      • Hardness of Water