Smooth Velvet

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Auto Glanz Smooth Velvet - Soft as velvet!

Smooth Velvet is a Quick Detailer that can be used to top up the protection after each wash. It is water-based, but has a high content of the fine T1-Carnauba wax which, combined with advanced polymer technology, leaves the surface with a nice depth, gloss and not least protection that can even beat dedicated sealants on the market. 

The name Smooth Velvet fits super well with the description of the product. You get a finish after use, which feels that it is smooth as velvet - which is incredibly addictive.

Ease of use is top notch - as the product is easy to apply without leaving streaks. Can also be used as Drying Aid, Waterless Wash or Clay Lube. Has a faint but pleasant aroma of caramel.

It's delicious!

If you're into products that make you instantly addicted to them - then give Smooth Velvet a shot. Here you get first and foremost a fantastic Quick Detailer, which leaves the paint velvety soft with a fantastic look between each wash.

It is incredibly easy to work with - which we think is incredibly important of a product of this type. Too often you can feel that you have to dry “forever” to get rid of residual product (streaks). But it is quite the opposite with Smooth Velvet.

Combine it with a good piece of microfiber, spray on - spread, turn the microfiber and dry - and then it just does it magic!

And you can really feel that it is actually doing something. When you dry, you immediately notice how smooth feeling it leaves the paint. It makes you want to feel the paint again and again. That’s just the way a good quick detailer should feel!

Wet or dry paint

Smooth Velvet can cover several tasks. If you are on a car show and just want to remove a light film on the paint, you can use it as Rinseless Wash. It contains enough lubricant that it reduces friction between your microfiber and paint - so the task is solved safely.

At the same time, it also makes it perfect as a Drying Aid. In other words, a product that helps you to dry the paint more easily and safely after washing. So, less friction between the microfiber and the paint - less risk of making scratches in the paint.

Better than a spray sealer?

As mentioned earlier, the combination of advanced polymer and carnauba is also the reason - that you can expect quite a lot out of each use, and more than some dedicated spray sealers.

What we can say is that it provides this typical beading and sheeting that one typically sees on polymer-based waxes. In addition, the depth and luster that one typically finds in good carnauba wax. So if you're into beading, sheeting and depth then there is just another tick you can put in terms of whether you should choose Smooth Velvet over other Quick Detailers.

Smooth Velvet also has the advantage of being water-based. So you can in principle use it on top of all types of paint protection, as it has no solvents that will have a cannibalizing effect and destroy the primary paint protection.


  • Gives the paint a velvety soft surface
  • Gives a nice shine and typical glow that only a good carnauba wax can
  • Water-based - so it is gentle on all surfaces
  • Can be used regardless of what the basic protection on your paint is
  • Can also be used as Drying Aid, Clay Lube, Waterless Wash
  • Goes a long way. You use a maximum of 2-3 sprays per. panel

Contents: 500 ml or 5 liters

Color / fragrance: Purple / caramel 

How To Guide: 

On wet or dry freshly washed paint:

  • Shake the bottle well
  • Spray 2-3 sprays on one panel at a time
  • Distribute the product with one side of your microfiber
  • Wait a moment for you to see a slightly misty surface
  • Turn your microfiber and wipe to a perfect finish
  • Enjoy the result (and then just try to touch that paint, even though we know you shouldn’t :-))

Pro Tip:

Recommended for maintaining surfaces treated with other Auto Glanz products, such as AIO, Supernova etc.