3" Dual Action Polisher (12 mm Throw)

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Small Dual Action Polisher - For corners and edges

With the Auto Glanz Small Dual Action Polisher, you get a nice polishing machine that, with its 3¨ back disc, makes it easy to polish in corners and along edges. Perfect for mirror housings, a/b posts and the motorcycle. The machine, with its 600w and full 12mm throw, is an effective little beast. The machine is made of very good quality and has a nice grip which makes it ergonomic and fits well in the hand. And if we do say so ourselves, we think it looks pretty delicious!

Cool little machine

It's just that not all tasks can be done with a polishing machine with a 5¨ back disc. And of course you can get a polishing machine that can run with both 3 and 5¨ back discs, but the polishing machine still takes up so much space - that even the 3¨ back disc can be difficult to work with anywhere. But the Auto Glanz Small Dual Action Polisher is the solution to that problem. Here you get a machine that is ideal for driving along corners and edges, where it can be easier with a machine that does not physically take up much space. Because it doesn't. The machine is only 30 cm long and a good 6.5 cm at its widest point. So super handy.

And speaking of handy. The on/off switch is conveniently located on the side of the machine, actually where you hold it. Likewise, the speed is easily controlled in 6 steps from the back of the machine. At the very front of the machine, we have chosen a design with nubred white rubber grip. That is, where you have to hold - there you hold well and firmly! The cord is a practical 4 meters and has a velcro band so that the cord can be neatly rolled up after use.

12 mm throw

Auto Glanz 3" Dual Action Polisher runs with 12mm throw. And combined with a 600w motor, which is actually more powerful than similar machines that cost much more, you get a machine that can do anything. The powerful motor means that you can actually put a fair amount of weight into the machine. Eg. if you want to remove some varnish with a rough disc and move on. Then it can easily keep up.

At full power, it rotates 4800 rpm - which is plenty. We ourselves prefer to drive at a maximum of 4-5 out of 6! But even at full speed, it is reasonably vibration-free.

If you need a small machine for the small tasks, then our Small Dual Action Polisher an obvious choice.

Technical Specifications:

  • Small and light machine of only 2000 grams
  • Ergonomically fine with a nice grip
  • 6-stage variable speed with soft-start (1800-4800 revolutions / 2000-6000 I free spin)
  • Grabs washers with 3¨ (Ø75)
  • Running with 12 mm swing
Other info:
  • Comes with extra carbon (2 pcs), which can be changed in the engine as they wear out
  • Tools included to remove the back disc and to maintain the machine (lubricate bearings)