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Auto Glanz Screenshot - Clean windows all year round

Screenshot is an ultra highly concentrated screen wash fluid concentrate that helps you keep your windshield clean all year round. It is super effective against road grime in the winter as well as fluids from insects in the summer. 

It works by being diluted with water and refilling your screen wash reservoir. When the windscreen then gets dirty, you can use your washers with Screenshot with peace of mind.

It does not wear off your window sealer and is safe against window / rubber strips. 100 ml og screenshot gives 5 liters screen wash. It is safe to use in winter at higher concentrations!, making sure it doesn’t freeze.

When you want to go the small step extra

Usually, screen wash is only good for one thing. And it's to get your windows “reasonably” clean. But after that, almost everything is bad about a traditional screen wash fluid.They grease and most of them are actually not good for your paint as well as exterior plastic and trim. 

We have seen rubber moldings on a 2-month-old car turn white, due to "factory-fitted" washer fluid which discolored it. So ... Therefore, something as simple as a good washer fluid is also a good thing to prioritize if you care about your car.

Screenshot is everything that your normal screen wash fluid is not.

  1. It does not grease
  2. It is safe on your paint and window seals
  3. It does not damage your glass sealant

And the price you pay may not be more than the typical gas station screen wash - so what are you waiting for?

Can be used summer and winter

Screenshot can be used both summer and winter. In the summer you can settle for a concentration called about 100 ml per. 5 liters of water. In winter, dilute it 1:5 - to frost-proof it to minus 10 degrees celsius.

Contents: 500 ml or 5 liter

How to guide: 

Start by emptying your screen wash reservoir.

  1. Fill 100-300 ml Screenshot
  2. Fill the rest with water to the max on the reservoir. If you have very hard water, we recommend that you dilute the product with demineralized water to avoid limescale stains on paint and glass.