Refresh (Paint Prep)

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Auto Glanz Refresh - The best starting point for new paint protection.

Refresh is a so-called "lacquer prep" which you use to spray a given surface before re-sealing. The product removes e.g. oils / greasy surfaces after polishing and ensuring your new paint sealer, wax or ceramic coating has the best option of adhering to the paint. The product does not contain any color or fragrance that can help to grease the surface, just as the product is free of hydrocarbon - which makes the product much safer to work with than e.g. and IPA.


Refresh is without a doubt one of the strongest paint preps on the market. When it is sprayed on the varnish and you wipe a cloth over it, it quickly dissolves soap residues or residues from polishes - just as the residual product evaporates immediately. You are left with a varnish that is "piv open" and is ready for you to close it again with your favorite varnish protection.

Unlike an IPA (isopropyl), Refresh is a mixture of several different types of dissolving alcohols - among others. ethanol. Likewise, Auto Glanz has avoided adding both dyes and fragrances. And when we asked if we could make the liquid in blue with the scent of black currants, the answer was that we could - but we just had to know that it would make the product less effective and user-friendly. Color and fragrance will simply apply a coating to the surface, and that is exactly what we want to avoid when using a product like this.


Refresh is thus more sophisticated and more targeted in its use, so you get exactly what you expect from the product.

In these cases, we recommend that you use Refresh

Refresh will always be the best start before re-sealing e.g. exterior plastic, trim, varnish and glass. It does not matter if you need fresh plastic on the bumper with a dressing or apply a ceramic coating on the paint - then wipe the surface inside with Refresh.

Have you washed the car and are thinking; "Now I want to give the paint a fresh coat Prizm ". Then just give the varnish a quick wipe with Refresh. It will just make sure that e.g. Prizm adheres better to the varnish, so you get the best out of the product.


  • Can be used on all exterior surfaces
  • Removes residual product from polishes, soap residues ect.
  • Ensure optimal adhesion of new seal
  • Can be used to advantage before any new seal
  • Without color / fragrance that can contaminate the surface
  • Free of Hydrocarbon and thus safer to use


Besides refresh you will need 2 clean cloths (380 gsm recommended)

  1. Spray Refresh on one panel at a time
  2. Use one of your 2 cloths to distribute the product around the panel with
  3. And wipe immediately with the dry cloth
Do not "over-dry" the surface. Make it easy and fast. Residue product will evaporate, so avoid chasing the product around. If your cloths become very damp along the way, replace them with a new one.