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Auto Glanz Rebound - Kick life back to your tyres

Rebound is a dedicated product designed to clean and give a fresh look back to your tyres. 

It easily removes dirt and grime and old tyre shine. In addition, it can also remove the brown discolouration that the tyre can get over time. 

The product is a "must have" if you agree that your tyre sides need to be as sharp looking as the rest of the car. 

The high foaming formula makes it easy to work with, along with either a detailing brush or a stiff brush for tyre sides.

Tire Shine on dirty tires!?

Of course you shouldn’t add tyre shine to something that has not been cleaned thoroughly. As with everything else, durability and look takes a negative hit when you apply a tyre shine on a tire side that is not properly cleaned. 

And honestly! Why buy an expensive tyre shine - if you don’t get the most out of it?

Rebound is a simple addition to your wheel care setup. Simple because it is simple to use. 

Simply apply it to the sidewalls of the tyres and let it soak for the time it takes you to apply your wheel cleaner. 

Then agitate it with a wet / damp brush or stiff brush. 

You will find that the product foams up well - and everything that is dirty turns brown and comes to the surface. 

After you have worked well with it, you just rinse off with plenty of water and then your tyre sides are embarrassingly clean! Then you can apply your tyre shine with a clear conscience. 


  • Removes grime and old tyre shine from tires
  • Leaves the tyre with a natural look
  • Can also be used on exterior trim in rubber
  • A "must have" is you use tyre shines

Contents: 500 ml 

How To Guide: 

  1. Spray the product directly on to the surface that is to be cleaned 
  2. Agitate the surface with a detailing brush or a stiff brush for tyre sides
  3. Rinse with water
  4. Wipe the surface with air or microfiber - and then you’re ready to apply your tyre shine!