Purge (Waterspot Remover)

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Auto Glanz Purge - Dissolves limescale stains and mineral accumulation in the paint

Purge is an extremely effective "lime stain remover", which can also be used preventively to clean the paint for the accumulation of minerals, which can weaken the paint's gloss but also impair your paint sealer's self-cleaning effect. Can be used on varnish, plastic and glass.

Hard and mineral water

Rain and hard water contain traces of acid, metals, minerals and silica that accumulate on the car's exterior surfaces when the water dries. All these minerals can scratch, adhere to and even cause small acid damage in the paint and e.g. be incredibly difficult to get by glass. And often, these are the things that help the varnish "lose" its shine over time - because it is simply covered.


The coverage happens despite our good intentions to wash and care for our car. Because in many countries we have very hard and mineral-containing water, and when we wash in this water - then minerals will naturally settle on the paint if the water evaporates. Even if we wipe the paint.


Mistakes most people make

  1. You have sealed the paint
  2. You wash it
  3. Over time, the water begins to run worse and worse off the paint
  4. You therefore apply a spray sealer
  5. Washes the car again
  6. The problem occurs again - and you apply a spray sealer again

If you had instead cleaned the spray sealant after point 3 instead of cleaning with Purge, you could in all probability have restored the properties of the paint sealant. But instead, you put your spray sealer on top of a "contaminated" surface.

We therefore recommend that you use Purge, not only when you have unfortunately got some limescale stains - but also continuously to care for and maintain the gloss of the varnish.