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Auto Glanz Pure - Just clean!

Do you want to take the best possible care of your ceramic coated paint. Or just your wax / paint sealant - then you should look at Pure from Auto Glanz. 

With Pure you get a pure pH-neutral shampoo without any nonsense. 

It can be mixed up to 1: 2000 - which means that it is the market's most concentrated shampoo.

 It contains a lot of lubricant so your washing hand gently slides down the paint, while it cuts through thick road grime with ease. Last but not least, Pure produces a nice foam, does not streak and is super easy to rinse off the paint. 

Just the way a shampoo should be!

High Class shampoo!

We dare you to find a similar shampoo where you can put just 10 ml of shampoo in your washing bucket and a small amount on your washing hand, and then have a shampoo that is wonderfully effective. Is it Difficult? Yes .... but possible with Pure!

You see it clearly when turning over the bottle - how slowly the shampoo runs from one end to the other. It's thick, it's really thick!

You’ll notice the vast amounts of lubricant the first time you pull the washing hand out of the bucket and slide it over the paint. No pressure is needed to get it clean. The washing hand just needs to be gently slided over the paint. And then it's clean. 

Just clean

You probably know what it means to have applied a wax, coating .. well any protection - with some specific abilities, and a certain look. You want to maintain that - but - many shampoos tend to leave something behind on the surface even if they are rinsed off (eg. shampoos with wax). It can be both good, but is mostly bad.

Pure is designed with carefully hand-picked cleaning agents which are made to clean - but not to leave residue on the paint. So when you rinse Pure off - then you’re left with the full effect of your paint protection. Hereby you retain the characteristics that your paint protection has. Just as it should be - without any additives.


  • Can be diluted up to 1: 2000
  • Has a high content of lubricant which creates low friction between washing hand and paint
  • pH-neutral
  • Foams nice
  • Super great value for money!

How To Guide:

  • Pre-wash the paint
  • Fill your washing bucket 2/3 up
  • Fill the desired amount of shampoo in your washing bucket and a little on your washing hand
  • Fill the rest of the bucket with a hard beam so the shampoo is distributed and foams up
  • Wash from top to bottom
  • Rinse afterwards with water