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Auto Glanz Prizm - Hybrid Ceramic Wax

Prizm is a pure liquid magic. It is a Quick Detailer, Drying Aid on speed, Spray Wax, sealer -  Actually a multi artist - depending on how you use it. 

Prizm can be used on all exterior surfaces and provides ultra hydrophobic properties, extreme gloss and UV protection. The product is super easy to use, can be topped on any paint - no matter if it has a wax or ceramic coating. 

Great for topping up the protection between your washes. Can be used on wet and dry paint. 

Easy to apply and wipe off!

A great finish

Prizm is the type of product that you use right after you have washed your car - to top up the protection and to give it the extra spice so it goes glossy. 

And if you have not tried a quick detailer before, then Prizm will give you shortness of breath. Because the shine and that feeling of the suuuper smooth and silky paint you are left with after the application - is crazy!

We’ve tested on our white and silver car:

On a white paint (which is without metal), it adds super nice reflections. You can immediately notice that the paint is super smooth immediately after application. And even after several washes, it still beads!

On the silver-colored paint, which is ceramic coated - shadows and edges on the roof get an enhanced look, and even thought the ceramic coating already makes the paint super smooth, Prizm just adds softness in some inexplicable way.

What's in there?

Good question - it’s a unique mixture of modern polymer, SiO2 and carnauba wax. At Auto Glanz the combination has just resulted in an absolutely amazing product!

Drying Aid, QD, Paint sealer

Prizm i a hard to define product - as it can do many things. For example act as a drying aid, that helps us wipe the water off the paint after washing. It gives us a little extra lubricant between the microfiber and the paint - which means less risk of scratching the paint during wiping. It works very well!

As a Detail Spray - Just a single spray on a panel is enough. Spread with one side of the towel and wipe immediately ... And the shine and the super smooth feeling are there right away. Cool !


  • Unique blend of several technologies
  • Gives extreme shine
  • Ultra hydrophobic beading
  • Super "slick" and soft paint after applying
  • Adds UV protection
  • Super easy to use
  • Can be used in many ways
  • Can be used on paint, glass, plastic, wheels etc.

How To Guide

As a Quick Detailer / Sealer

  • Make sure the surface is clean / dry
  • Spray 1-2 times per. panel
  • Spread Prizm with one side of your microfiber, and dry with the other. Work if necessary with 2 towels

As a Drying Aid

  • On the wet and freshly washed varnish
  • Spray 1-2 times per. panel
  • Wipe the surface and distribute the product with a towel. Use a dry towel to dry after. We recommend a waffle-woven towel for the task

    Note: Do not allow the product to dry on the surface.