Nano Polisher

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Auto Glanz Nano Polisher - Small and powerful machine on battery

With the Auto Glanz Nano Polishing machine, you get a small but very powerful battery-powered machine. With a very special gearing and with up to a full 12 mm variation in the orbital movement - you get plenty of grinding power when you need to correct varnish, in the very small areas. With the included back discs on each 1¨ and 1.5¨, you have the option of driving with disks from 1.4 up to 2.2¨. Ideal for all kinds of detail work - where small disks are relevant. The machine is delivered with 2 pcs. 12v batteries and charger in a practical soft shell bag. 

Not like all the others

The market is overflowing with mini or micro polishing machines. But our experience is that they are useless for what they are actually made for - namely to correct varnish. 

That is why time and testing have also gone into getting the Auto Glanz Nano Polisher made, so it is a machine that you can actually use for anything. Not a machine that stops spinning the rear disc when you put a bit of weight on it. No, a machine that can remove some varnish - even with discs that create high friction when the machine has to work. 

The small Nano Polisher comes with the option of both rotary and eccentric function, by replacing the adapters on the machine. BUT it is with the 12 mm swing and the grinding power you can get out of gearing adapted to this, that the machine was mainly developed for. 

Having said that, the 3mm offset and small back disc work great with P3000 sandpaper, to remove deeper scratches.

The adjustment of the speed is stepless. And so there is smack at top speed!

Ultimate freedom

The machine is battery-powered, which gives you the freedom of not having to think about cables. And with 2 batteries, you can always have one battery in the charger and one in the machine. In this way, you will in principle never run out of power. 

The charging time from an exhausted battery is a good hour. You also have roughly the same operating time. But as it is with battery-powered machines, you have the most power in the first 50% of the battery's capacity. So our recommendation is that you change the battery so that you always drive with as much power as possible. 


  • Nano Polisher
  • 2 pcs. 12v/2.3 Ah batteries
  • Charger
  • Rotary adapter
  • 3 mm DA Adapter
  • 12 mm DA Adapter
  • 1 and 1.5¨ back disc (can be used on all adapters)
  • Tool for removing/fitting back washers/adapters
  • Soft Shell bag for storage

Comes with stardard EU Plug.

NOTICE: Please full charge both batteries before first time usage!