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Auto Glanz Mist - Takes good care of your interior

Mist is a premium anti-static interior detailer that can be used for easier cleaning and maintenance of all hard surfaces in your interior.

Mist does not leave surfaces sticky. Instead, you just get a fresh natural finish for all surfaces being treated, along with UV protection.

With a pleasant aroma of strawberry milkshake, it is nothing short of amazing to work with!

You need it!

An interior detailer should be an essential part of your arsenal, and Mist is great for the ongoing easier cleaning.

Mist is great for:

  • Removing grease from your hands on the steering wheel and gear knob, and door handles.
  • Removing Sweat and grease on armrests and door sides
  • For removing dust on the instrument panel For easier cleaning of shoe marks on door sides and from children's shoes on the back seat

You won’t get a shiny and glossy finish - which is on purpose!

Mist just cleans lightly and makes the surface look like it just came out of the factory.


While it cleans, Mist leaves treated surfaces with an anti-static surface. In practical terms, this means that the surfaces do not attract dust to the same extent. And the dust that settles is super easy to remove.

The built-in UV protective effect, extends the life of treated surfaces, so the time where plastic and vinyl starts cracking and wrinkling is postponed.

Fantastic scent ...

Well yes .. As mentioned,, it smells absolutely fantastic. So good that you feel like using it more often than necessary. And that’s not a bad thing! The scent is only temporary while you spray the product, leaving you free to use one of our spray air fresheners for a longer lasting scent.

How to guide:

Mist is super easy to use. Simply spray it on the desired area and wipe with a piece of microfiber for the task. We recommend Auto Glanz Laser Edge.