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Auto Glanz Microwash - Keeps your microfiber and polishing pads in good condition

Microwash is a dedicated detergent to clean and keep your microfiber towels and polishing pads performing as new. The product contains no softeners and bleaches that over time can make the microfiber stiff and lose its absorbency. Likewise, it is neutral and does not contain fragrances, should you be allergic to this.

Just better ...

Microwash is kust one of the products that you "must" own,  if you care about detailing. There is no reason to buy microfiber towels in good quality and then subsequently treat them badly. If you take care of your towels properly - you will be able to enjoy them again and again. There is just nothing like the feeling of taking a "new" towel into use every time On the contrary, it's super annoying when it does not!

The difference using Microwash can be seen and felt. Especially if you use a little trick that we got from Joe at Auto Glanz.

We have most often had the challenge of getting the microfiber cloths that became particularly dirty, clean again. Or at least so clean, that they could be used on the car and did not end its days like a sink cloth ;-)

This is where Microwash shines - on towels that get particularly dirty!

The trick from Joe at Auto Glanz is to take your bucket and fill with water. Then put 50-60 ml Microwash in the bucket, and with good old-fashioned hand work with the towels, until the water "changes" color and you can see that the dirt is floating around in the water.

If you then wash them at 30 degrees or a "quick program", Then you're left with "brand new" towels that just feel soft and delicious!

The trick also works for your polishing pads and pads. Soak them well in the Microwash in a bucket before picking them up and rinsing them clear of Microwash.

The discs are virtually like new again. It is awesome! 


  • Wash your microfiber towels and pads clean
  • Ensures they retain their flexibility and absorbency
  • Is also good for cleaning polishing discs in both foam and microfiber
  • Has no added fragrance 

How To Guide:

As a general rule, always follow the recommendation on the product!

For towels and washers that are very dirty:

  1. Fill a 20 liter wash bucket with water and add 50-60 ml Microwash
  2. Throw your towels / pads in this mixture and work well with those towels until you can see the dirt running out into the water.
  3. Then rinse towels / pads so that loose / dissolved dirt can be released from them
  4. Wash them at 30 degrees together with 30/60 (small / large wash)
  5. Let it dry naturally or put the towels in the dryer on cold air

We do not recommend washing polishing Pads in the washing machine. They should be easy to just rinse through after lying in the Microwash.

Regular maintenance cleaning of microfiber:

  1. Add 30-60 ml of Microwash depending on whether you wash many or few towels
  2. Wash at a maximum of 30 degrees
  3. Let it dry naturally or put the towels in the dryer on cold air