Microfiber Wash Mitt

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Auto Glanz Microfiber Wash Mitt & nbsp; - Essential for the good car wash

With Microfiber Wash Mitt, you get a traditional washing glove wrapped in a microfiber blend of 90% polyester and 10% viscose. In our optics, the right composition of fibers to put together a good washing hand for the safe and gentle car wash. The hand has a thin foam membrane so it can absorb lots of water and soap. Likewise, the composition of the fibers ensures that you get the right mix between softness and easy cleaning. Ergo, it is gentle on the paint - but can easily release the dirt you collect along the way in your rinsing bucket. Just as it should be. The washing hand is a bit smaller in dimensions than other washing hands, which makes it sit a little better on the hand.

Good entry point

If you need a good and cheap washing hand, Microfiber Wash Mitt is a really good approach.

There are just as many "wrong "as" real "ways to wash your car. But one of the first things that can make a big difference is having a good washing medium in your washing setup. What it should be, then, can be a matter of taste. But our experience shows that many of our customers are happy with washing hands - which is why it has been natural for us to say: "If we were to make our own washing medium, it would have to be a washing hand". And the result Microfiber Wash Mitt .

Do you come from an old-fashioned washing medium such as a fungus, or that you e.g. first time to wash your car - we are convinced that you will have a good washing experience. By combining with a good shampoo, you will find that the hand has a low friction between it and the varnish. Which is important, because the less we touch the paint - the lower the risk of scratching it. And the dirt you pick up along the way will settle in the lighter "fluffy" microfiber mix, which is easy to clean. Ergo, you just dip your washing hand in your rinsing bucket and rub it a little - then it is clean and ready to take a new pass on the paint with soap and water.

Must work again and again

Although the price is low, it has been important for Auto Glanz to create a product that should work again and again. The mix of the microfiber mixture is therefore not random.

When you dip your washing hand in the soapy water, you actually dip it in chemistry. Because it's chemistry that doctors want when we wash a car. And although this chemistry is often pH-neutral, some of the solvents in the soap will still be hard on the fibers over time. Microfiber Wash Mitt has is composed of fibers which, although not "chemically resistant" - but can withstand continuous use. Ergo a washing hand you with sensible maintenance can enjoy for a long time. Just as it should be!


  • Soft and absorbent
  • Durable
  • Good mix between price and quality
  • 27 x 20 x 5 cm

After use:
    Rinse it free of dirt and soap. Twist it free of water
  • Let it dry on a clothesline
  • If you feel there is dirt in it that you can not wash out, wash it at max 40% with a dedicated detergent to microfiber
  • The glove can be tumble dried, which will open the fibers.