Microfiber Cut/One-Step Pad

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Auto Glanz Microfiber Cut/One-Step Pad - For cut and 1-step polishing

Auto Glanz Microfiber Cut/One-Step Pad brings together the best of their heat-resistant thermo foam pads - with the flexibility of the microfiber upper. It makes it possible to do everything from rough to finish polishing with one and the same disc. The disc has good abrasive power in itself, which makes it capable of removing scratches on medium-hard lacquers with coarse polishing agents. But at the same time, it can do nice 1-stage polishes on medium/soft clearcoats with medium/1-stage polishes. Simply combine it with the polishing agent suitable for the task/paint and get an excellent result with this disc!

With the right technique...

... then you can create the wildest results on a wide range of different varnishes with this one disc. Yes, we will go so far as to say. If you only have ONE polishing pad - then it's the Microfiber Cut/One-Step Pad here!

Auto Glanz Microfiber Cut/One-Step Pad is made up of 3 sandwich layers.

  1. First layer to attach to the Velcro side of your polisher
  2. Second layer. A barely 10 mm thick heat-resistant foam
  3. Third layer. 3 mm soft microfiber on top

By having the hard foam disc, the forces are transferred directly from your machine and into the paint. This means you don't have a disc that flexes - but instead you get good power transmission. Despite this, due to the overall height of the disc, you have the opportunity to have reasonable rotation on the disc when polishing against curves and edges.

The microfiber is soft. But due to the good power transfer you can get from your machine - you can potentially have a good grinding power. On the contrary, with medium/low speed on the machine and together with a finish polish, you can create a nice high-gloss polish on medium/medium-hard lacquers.

Choose the right polish

With the Auto Glanz Microfiber Cut/One-Step Pad you are basically good to go. Simply choose the right polishing agent for the task you are facing, and you will be able to achieve a satisfactory result in 1 step by a long way.

But which type of polish should you choose? Here are our guidelines for the right products to fit this disc.

Hard clear coat:

  • Many scratches (Coarse Polish / Weight of the machine)
  • Medium scratches (1-stage/medium polish / Medium weight on the polisher)
  • Few scratches (Medium/Fine polish / Medium or no weight on the polisher)

Between clearcoat

  • Many washing scratches (Coarse/Medium Polish / Weight/Medium weight on the machine)
  • Medium washing scratches (1-step/medium polish / Medium/Light weight on the polisher)
  • Remove washing scratches (Fine polishing agent / No weight on the polishing machine)

Soft clear coat

  • Many washing scratches (Coarse / Medium polish / No weight on the machine)
  • Medium washing scratches (Medium/Fine Polish / No weight on the machine)
  • Remove washing scratches (Fine polish / No weight on the machine (low speed)


We recommend blowing the disc after each pass with a tornado gun. And occasionally clean it via a pad washer.

Polishing should be done with 2-4 discs in rotation. That is polish half a front flap or half a door - and switch to a cleaned and cooled disc.

Clean, cooled discs grind better and last longer.