Medium One-Step Pad

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Auto Glanz Medium One-Step Pad - Fantastic for new/newer cars

With the Medium One-Step Pad, you get a heat-resistant foam disc designed for one-step polishing. The disc is ideal for newer cars or paint that requires light to medium polishing while aiming for excellent gloss in the same step. Thanks to the heat-resistant foam, the disc maintains its shape and structure even under heat, thus retaining its abrasive power much better than traditional foam discs and having a durability 5-6 times longer. A top-notch disc if you desire some cutting power and high finish in one step.

Price per piece. (Polishing pads in 1.4 & 2.2 inches are exclusively sold in packs of 5)

For less than perfect but reasonably nice paint, that's how we believe we can describe it.

If you have a car or are about to polish a car where this is the starting point, the Medium One-Step Pad could be the disc for the job.

We see it as the ideal disc for professionals who need to polish and ceramic coat a new car. Or for those who may have polished and sealed the car 2-3 years ago, but now the car has some lighter washing scratches. Combine the disc with a medium/one-step or even a fine polish and get an excellent result!

Even though the disc is medium and heat-resistant, you can still generate some heat in the disc. And this heat makes it easily flexible around the curves/edges of the car and helps you achieve a beautiful finish.


Auto Glanz uses a so-called heat-resistant or thermo-resistant foam on their foam polishing pads. This means that while a traditional foam disc loses 60-80% of its abrasive power when heated, this does not happen nearly the same way with Auto Glanz heat-resistant polishing pads. Thus, the disc will maintain its abrasive power even with repeated polishing steps. At the same time, the polishing pad will last 5-6 times longer than traditional foam polishing pads.


We recommend blowing the disc with a tornado gun after each use. And occasionally clean it with a pad washer.

Polishing should be done with 1-2 discs in rotation. That is, polish half a front hood or half a door and switch to a cleaned and cooled disc.

Clean, cooled discs grind better and last longer.