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Auto Glanz Maskingtape - The Good Kind

From Auto Glanz, you will find a high-quality premium maskingtape here. The tape is slightly flexible and is therefore suitable for covering moldings, emblems and surfaces in plastic. The tape settles really well on dry surfaces, and leaves no glue residue when removed. Available in 3 different sizes.

    Best quality on the market

    Maskingtape comes in many different qualities. When we talk about maskingtape for automotive use, it is in our optics were important to choose the correct tape for the job. That's why Auto Glanz also has made a partnership with one of the leading manufacturers in Europe, to have their own version of perhaps the best tape on the market made.

    If you just make sure that the surface is dry, the tape is really well fixed. Well firmly understood in the sense that you have to polish quite a lot across the edge of the tape, so that it e.g. rolls up. But still, it does not sit so tight that it is not easy to get rid of. But best of all, the tape does not leave any residue.

    The tape is also of a type that makes it easy to apply it around curves and edges. And with 3 different sizes, you can easily choose between a model for window moldings or one for lens.

    Length per roll: 40 meters