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Auto Glanz Lubed - Lubricant for Clay bars

Lubed is a dedicated lubricant that is used to reduce the friction between your claybar  and the paint. By using lubed, you minimize the risk of damaging the paint in the process and you make the clay bar, clay block or your claymite work more efficiently. The product is incredibly easy to work with, just as it easily wipes off the paint again. Has a fantastic apple / chewing gum scent, so it is a pleasure to work with.

When you need to glide...

Our clay bar works best when the friction between it and the paint has as low a friction as possible. And this is where Lubed comes into the picture.

It adds an extremely low friction between your particular claybar and the paint. And not only does it make the clay bar work more efficiently, you also minimize the risk of making scratches in the paint which must be corrected subsequently.

Lubed is also a really nice product if you need to remove deeper scratches or acid damage with sandpaper. The lower friction increases comfort and makes it easier for you to control what you do in the process.

How To Guide:

  • Spray on one panel at a time
  • Work with your claybar / similar in vertical / horizontal movements
  • Friction occurs - you spray extra product on
  • Then wipe the panel and proceed to the next panel