Laser Edge Soft 500

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Auto Glanz Laser Edge Soft 500 - For interiors, quick details and waxing

Laser Edge Soft 500 is a delicious towel on 500 GSM. The towel is made for the tasks where you want to be a little extra gentle. Ie. when wiping a varnish sealer, wax - yes or maybe an interior detailer on slightly delicate surfaces. The towel has a good absorbency, so a few pieces gently solve the task of wiping your favorite wax or sealant. The towel measures practical 40x40 cm and has no edges, seams or marks that scratch during use. Really delicious quality!

It's stuffy!

In our view, the Laser Edge Soft 500 is one of the best towels for everything where you want a gentle wipe with a good absorbency. The towel is neither too heavy nor has too long fibers. It is the perfect solution for wiping both paint sealers, waxes and quick retailers. But is also gentle enough to be taken into the car to defecate delicate surfaces.

Where the lower GSM towels typically grip well, they often do not have a super absorbency. And where taller GSM towels have a good absorbency, they become too difficult to work with. But the towel here is with its 40 x 40 cm really well weighted and just does everything right.

No tags and edges

We see it often. Gorgeous towels where the manufacturer just has to sneak his logo in somehow ?? ‍. It's so unfortunate that you have to start by removing the tag, then destroy it a little bit - just to get started using it. That's not the case with the Laser Edge Soft 500 here. Take it out of the bag, shake it once - and use it. There are no edges or "tags" that can scratch the paint. It's just scratching!

Content: 1 pc


  1. Wash the towel separately - or with similar towels
  2. Use a dedicated detergent for microfiber and never rinse aid
  3. Wash at a maximum of 40 degrees
  4. Put it in the dryer in cold air - it will open the fibers


Should the towel be washed before use?

  • It is not necessary - but can be done with advantage. It will pull the fibers together a bit.
I think the towel loses the fibers. Is that normal?
  • Yes, towels of this type will lose fiber. For example. along the edge as there is no edge stitching. If the towel throws the fibers when you use it on the varnish, it is often due to static electricity. It can be minimized by using a little more product, which reduces friction.
I have used the towel on piano black lacquer - and think it has been scratched. How can that be?
  • Pga. 2 things. You have pressed too hard, and had too little product between the surface and the towel. The friction has been too high. In general, there is no towel that would not be able to scratch this type of surface if you use the product incorrectly.