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Auto Glanz Infinite - Højkoncentreret APC

Infinite from Auto Glanz is an indispensable product, whether you have tasks in the interior of your car or in its exterior.

It's like a Swiss Army knife, you can adapt to any task, be it cleaning leather seats or mats in fabric - to cleaning alloy wheels or engine compartments.

All you have to do is dilute it to the purpose. And boy this can be diluted! 

Up to 1:200 and still have enough power to clean delicate surfaces inside your car!

You've got to own it!

If you don't have en APC in your arsenal - then you're missing out!

Infinite is the obvious choice for an all purpose cleaner that can be used for a wide range of purposes. And yes, you should own an APC. Because you can use it for everything:

  • Remove old tireshine
  • Remove old paint protection
  • Remove ingrown insects
  • A good rim cleaner for ongoing maintenance
  • Clean mats whether they are made of rubber or plastic
  • Clean seats whether they are made of fabric or leather
  • Clean door sides in vinyl and plastic
  • Engine compartment ... Indispensable
  • Door fold ... Indispensable

We've probably missed a few - so it can have many more use cases!

Super Power !

The cool thing about Infinite is its strength in comparison with other APC's.

A common task is cleaning the tyre sides. A task that requires some power - and with
Infinite, we could just dilute at a ratio of 1:10 ... And then pulled "the brown" out of the tyre ;-) So yes - it really dissolves old dirt and old tireshine at a quite impressive 1:10 ratio.

This also means that just 500 ml of Infinite will get you far! At dilution ratios of up to 1:200 means that you really get a lot for your money! Infinite does not tear of your paint protection if you dilute it lightly.

Recommended dilution ratios:

  • Very dirty surfaces: 1: 10-1: 50 (Not recommended for interior design)
  • Medium dirty surfaces: 1: 100 (Interior)
  • Slightly dirty areas: 1: 200+ (Interior)

How to guide:

  1. Shake your mixed contents well
  2. Spray directly on the area and let it dwell for a moment
  3. On the interior you can agitate the area with a brush and wipe / Exterior you can also agitate and wipe or rinse.

Does not leave behind and odour.