Hoops Wheel Shampoo

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Auto Glanz Hoops - If you truthfully care about your wheels!

Hoops is an advanced ph-neutral shampoo designed to break down brake dust, dirt and road grime from your alloy wheels while still being safe to use even on very delicate surfaces.

This product is for you who loves, that there is maximum lubricant between your wheel brushes and the wheels, so you get as gentle a cleaning of them as possible.

The shampoo is thick and very concentrated, and gives extremely much foam in the bucket.

It can be used on its own or in combination with Alkalloy. Has a wonderful scent of chewing gum as standard.

Everybody should try it!

Haven't you tried a wheel shampoo before?

Then Hoops might be your first!

By using a wheel shampoo, you'll get a different experience than when you use a wheel cleaner. Or maybe the right experience we might have to say 😉

Because it seems a bit counterproductive when:

On the one hand, we wash the paint with shampoo and a soft washing hand. But on the other hand, when we fix our rims - we spray a product up and touch this with a brush?

But - aren't we scratching the wheels?

Well.... If you look closely - then actually you do - because -  You just don't have the lubricant between the brushes and the alloy wheels - that you would have with a washing hand / shampoo.

With Hoops you can change that.

It is somewhat more powerful than a regular washing shampoo and has some more lubricant. But it is precisely enough  for it to be able to help you get soaked / dissolved dirt and grime while you wash.

Our recommendation is to spray either Alkalloy, Primo or Blood Tonic on the wheels - and then dive the wheel brushes into the wheel bucket with Hoops, to clean your wheels.

As we say; Everyone should try it!

Is not the product for the enthusiast?

Yes Absolutely! Are you the type who just wants clean wheels - Hoops is probably not for you. But if you care about your wheels and want it to be cleaned the best method  possible - then there is no way around it!


  • Premium wheels shampoo
  • Contains lots of lubricant
  • High foaming formula that helps remove dirt from the wheels
  • Reduces the friction between your washing media and the wheel
  • Smells great
  • The perfect product for the wheel cleaning geek

Contents: 500 ml or 5 Liters

How To Guide:

  1. Fill your wheel bucket 2/3 with water
  2. Put some Hoops in the bucket and fill the rest with a hard beam
  3. Wash your rims
  4. Rinse thoroughly with water

Please note: Do not let the shampoo dry before washing off


Can I use it in a foam sprayer?

  • Absolutely - Feel free to apply Hoops through a foam sprayer or a foam lance instead of a washing bucket.