High Dense Foam Applicator (Pack of 2 pcs)

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EAN: 5745000322589

Auto Glanz High Dense Foam Applicator - & nbsp; When Your Foam Applicator Should Be Premium

High Dense Foam Applicator is a specially developed foam applicator that can be used to apply a wide range of products of your choice. As the name suggests, the foam has a denser density which helps to apply any product you throw on it more evenly. Likewise, the denser foam prevents the product from pulling through the applicator. Ideally, when it e.g. used for applying wax, leather care products or tire shine. Comes in a pack of 2

You need a stack of them!

Premium at a low price. We think so! With such a low unit price for an applicator like this, it's just a product we recommend you have a stack of lying around. You will love using it when applying:

  • Trim / Plastic products
  • Leather sealer or conditioner
  • Wax or varnish sealer
  • Tire shine