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Auto Glanz Hide Seal - Durable leather Sealant

Hide Seal is a long lasting sealer for leather and vinyl leather. It helps to protect the leather from deteriorating as well as protects against color transfer from jeans,  making it easier to clean and maintain the leather.

The sealer ensures that the leather retains its original matte look, without making it slippery to sit in.

The application is simple and the scent after treatment is neutral.

A modern leather sealer

Hide Seal is the sealer you can use for both traditional leather surfaces (real leather) as well as the slightly more modern "leather seats" in vinyl, the so-called vegan leather seats.

No matter if you have one type or another, you will find that when they are sealed with Hide Seal - they will be easier to clean and maintain.

So once they are sealed - you can simply clean the by wiping a warm damp clothover the surfaces once in a while.

The cool thing about this sealer is that you can't see it's there. Understood in the sense that it is matte and doesn't add shine to the leather - just as it does not make the leather smooth.

Reason for that being - There is nothing worse than "sliding" in the leather seats.

You can also use it on your leather steering wheel  and your gear selector.

Leather Cleanse + OEM Maintain

Auto Glanz has a series of 3 products for maintaining leather or vinyl leather surfaces.

So all you need is 2-3 products to maintain your leather cabin.

So apart from Hide Side:

It's hard to avoid the essential Leather Cleanse, as it is the cleaning product before adding Hide Seal.

We also recommend OEM Maintain. A product that will add moisture, vitamins and flexibility to the leather.

So for most people we recommend the following procedure:

First clean with Leather Cleanse and then take Hide Seal, following continual maintenance with OEM Maintain. 

If you have seats in brand new vinyl leather, then Leather Cleanse followed by Hide Seal is probably the only 2 products you need - unless they are very dry already.


  • Seals most surfaces including vinyl leather
  • Makes surfaces easier to clean
  • Does not give the surfaces shine or make them smooth
  • Works well with other Auto Glanz products

Contents: 500 ml @ which will last many treatments!

How to Guide:

Make sure the leather is cleaned with Leather Cleanse

  1. Spray a little product on a microfiber towel and gently wipe the surface
  2. Alternatively, spray directly on the leather and work the product in
  3. Allow the product to be absorbed by the leather for a moment
  4. Wipe dry with a clean and fresh microfiber towel

Wait until the surface is dry and then treat with OEM Maintain for optimal preservement.


How often should I use it?

  • Typically 2 times per year. Ongoing maintenance between with OEM Maintain.

What should I do before adding a new layer?

  • Clean with Leather Cleanse