6" Dual Action Pro Polisher (21mm Throw)

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Auto Glanz Dual Action Pro Polisher - The Butcher!

With our Dual Action Pro Polisher, you get a machine with a 6¨ back disc and 21 mm swing - made for quick paint correction on larger surfaces. The machine has a soft start, stepless speed regulation (progressive trigger), ventilated rear disc, a low noise level and is generally just a pretty nice machine. If you really want to go beyond the steppes, then you must get the "Butcher" here!


The 21 mm machine is the first in a new series of polishing machines, where the focus is on the professional user. That is you can feel that the machine is screwed together a little better, runs more quietly and generally has a greater "pain threshold". Bearings in the machine are oil lubricated, which can really be heard and felt in the way the back disc is driven. The machine costs a little more than the consumer machines, but you can also feel that you get what you pay for. 

We call the Dual Action Pro Polisher "The Butcher" because it really is a machine that can get you beyond the steppes. If you have a lacquer with severe defects - we don't think you will find a dual action polishing machine that does the job better than this one. 


  • 900 W
  • 150 mm rear disc (6¨)
  • 21 mm swing
  • Speed adjustment from 2500-4800 rpm
  • Soft wire


  • D-Handle (not recommended)
  • Right/Left mounted handle (not recommended)
  • Extra charcoal
  • Umbraco key