5" Dual Action Polisher (15mm Throw)

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Dual Action Polisher - "The brand killer"

With our Auto Glanz Dual Action Polisher with 15mm throw and 5¨ back disc, you get a well-designed and beautiful machine. With its 1000w large motor, there is enough power for both the beginner and the professional. The polishing machine is made in a modern and elegant design, where both the machine is perfectly weighted and you have a good grip. In addition to the speed being adjustable in 6 steps, it can also be adjusted on the triggers. Something you only find at the big brands! If you compare the price with the quality you get, this polisher is a bit of a "brand killer"

Efficient power cable

15mm throw and 1000w motor combined with up to 4800 revolutions per minute. Yes, this is a machine with specifications that you normally only find in machines that cost 2-3 times as much. The polishing machine here is the obvious choice if you provide a dedicated machine for the slightly larger surfaces. With the 5¨ backplate, you get plenty of work surface and you are not limited by the selection of polishing discs.

The 15mm fluctuation gives you the opportunity to deliver top professional results with the right discs and polishing agents. Here it is not the machine that is the limitation. Having said that, it is super easy to work with. Because despite the 15 mm fluctuation which normally causes vibrations - it runs really well and can be easily operated by the beginner.


Our Auto Glanz Dual Action Polisher has a soft grip both front and back. That is both at the end where you control the machine and at the trigger. The handle is slightly "nubbered", so you hold the machine well. The machine is also controlled with triggers located where you hold your index and middle finger. This makes it easy for you to start the machine and control the speed. And what with the speed, it has quite a cunning trick. Eg. if your preferred speed is setting 4 out of 6 - then you do not need to reduce the speed of the machine when the polish is to be distributed. No, you just press gently and regulate the speed of the trigger. And regulating the speed is right where your thumb sits - which is super practical.

When the machine is running, you also have the option of locking the speed. So if you want to change your hand position and not have your hand on the "trigger" all the time, it's handy. And you won't fall in with the cord. With 4 meters to spare, it can easily be wrapped around your shoulder - and you can work in a large area.

The cord also has a practical Velcro strap, so the cord can be neatly folded after use. All in all, a really nice machine which gives you a lot of value for money.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight 3500 grams
  • Modern and ergonomic design
  • 6-stage variable speed with adjustable trigger (1800-4800 rpm)
  • Grabs pads with 5¨
  • Runs with 15 mm Throw
Other info:
  • Comes with extra carbon (2 pcs), which can be replaced in the engine as they wear out
  • Comes with D handle which can be mounted on the machine if you prefer to do this
  • Tools are included to remove the backplate and to maintain the machine (lubricate bearings)