Double Twist Microfiber Towel (90x60 cm) (1200 GSM)

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Auto Glanz Double Twist Microfiber Towel - The Wildest We Could Have Made

With our Double Twist Microfiber Towel you get an extremely absorbent microfiber towel. So absorbent that we have managed to wipe 3 cars with the same towel (!) The towel is with fibers of the modern twisted loop type. Where the typical towels only have this type of fiber on one side (to save money), Auto Glanz & nbsp; has gone all in and made a towel that has these fibers on both sides. Auto Glanz & nbsp; answer to the ultimate microfiber towel for wiping after washing.

Catches 3 cars in rap!

A Skoda Kodiaq, Peugeot 2008 and then a Peugeot 208. 3 cars were needed before the Double Twist Microfiber Towel gave up (!) Or, we actually do not know. Because we did not have more cars to wash this day - so maybe it could have taken one more car. Impressive!

The towel is the type with twisted loop fibers. Ie. that the fibers are pulled out in a loop and then twisted around themselves. At the same time as the fibers are placed close to each other, this gives an extremely absorbent and soft surface.

The towel has no visible edges and seams that can scratch the varnish - which is important in a process where we touch the varnish correctly much. And yet, for the touch with the towel is due to its absorbency quite minimal. Because you just fold it over the car and gently pull it over it. There is no need for more. No pressure - no rubbing!

On vertical surfaces, simply fold the towel 2-3 times to a surface that suits you. Then gently pull it over the surface.

The pursuit of the ultimate

Microfiber towels come in many types. There is not necessarily something that is better or best, as it is often a question and taste. But Auto Glanz & nbsp; Double Twist Microfiber Towel is their & nbsp; attempt at what the ultimate microfiber towel should look like. Both in terms of type and size.

Some towels are super absorbent, but heavy and too large to work with. Auto Glanz & nbsp; towel is 90 x 60 cm, which we believe is an ideal size in several points.
  • You have the option to fold it 2-3 times and adjust the surfaces that suit you - without the hassle of working with
  • The size means that even though the towel is 1200 grams per. m2 that it weighs only 760 grams. Again, this makes the towel easy to work with.
  • The looped fibers make the towel durable compared to other types of microfiber towels. It does not lose its fibers - which other types of towels may tend to.
  • If the fibers are damaged (breaks), they can simply be cut off without the towel breaking

We are convinced that if you are looking for an extremely absorbent towel in good quality - then you will not be disappointed here!

  • 1200 GSM
  • 90 x 60 cm
  • Super absorbent
  • Easy to work with
  • Fnugfrit
  • Fantastic performance for the price
  • Good quality / durable
  1. Wash it at max 40 degrees with detergent intended for microfiber
  2. Dry it in a dryer on cold air / gentle. It will open the fibers

Note: Do not wash the same with other laundry, microfiber with long fibers and microfiber used to wipe wax, etc.


Can the towel be used with a Quick Detailer / Drying Aid?

  • Yes, we have good experience that you can too
Can the towel be dried on a clothesline?
  • Yes, you will be able to do that from time to time. Over time, the fibers will come together a little, so you may benefit from giving it a ride in the dryer
Some fibers / threads have gone up. Is the towel still safe to use?
  • Yes, just be sure to remove the damaged fibers. Cut - do not tear (!)