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Auto Glanz De-Icer - A Highly effective De-Icer

With De-Icer from Auto Glanz, you get an ice remover which, in addition to being suitable for windows and glass - can also be used on door handles.

The ice remover is free of ammonium and other harmful substances, which can leave splashes and discolour sealings. The product can be used at temperatures down to -70 degrees. Not because you'll probably ever experience it - but it just means the product is suitable for cold weather!

The De-Icer you want

Auto Glanz De-Icer works incredibly fast and efficient, so you can get out and drive quickly. Just as it should be.

But especially and in relation to other ice removers, it is safe to use this frozen handles. without the risk of damaging paint, gaskets and other things.

Being formulated to be without ammonium is the trick to make it safe. 

Why is a De-Icer important?

Honestly. We hate ice scrapers. We mean - they are super effective - but they are not very gentle on your windows / glass.

We've just seen so many examples of an ice scrapers scratching glass, side mirrors and where else people might find themselves using them.

The De-Icer, on the other hand, is the perfect replacement, as you use liquid to dissolve the ice instead.

And think of it this way:

What does a new windscreen, side mirror or side window that you have scratched cost, compared to our De-Icer?

How To Guide:

  1. Spray De-Icer directly on the surface
  2. Let the product melt the ice
  3. Apply again if necessary


Is the product hard against window sealings, paint, etc.?
No - it has been important to formulate the product so that it is safe to use