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Auto Glanz Tire Brush - Super tire cleaning tool

What does the ultimate cover brush look like? According to us, it should look like this! Here you get a simple but incredibly effective tool to clean the tire sides with. The brush is short and compact, which means that you can really give a gas when you scrub the tire sides down. And you have full control while you do it. The bristles are just over 25 mm long and stand close together, which means that you can quickly clean a surface without too many passages. In addition, the brushes do not dirty either, as they formerly. short brushes do not move more than 10 mm before going back into place!

Go 'Upgrade

Auto Glanz & nbsp; Tire brush is a good upgrade in terms of using a detailing brush to clean the tire sides. The reason is that the stiffer bristles take on a much better grip. And to clean the rubber at the bottom - you just need that little extra.

The head itself is a good 7x5 cm. This means that you have a surface that fits almost all tires. It is therefore not huge and a bit clumsy as on other brushes. No, here things have been thought through and made sure they are made for the purpose.

"Do you scratch the cover pages?"
No, not at all. Even though the brushes are stiff - they are tight and are well over 25 mm in length. This means that they have the perfect combination of bite and flexibility when you need to clean the tire sides.

Due to its rather short design, the brush also fits quite well in the hand. It's pretty cool to work with.

Does it make sense to have a cover brush?

As with all other things, one has to make up with oneself what one wants. Do you want to do it or do you want to do it properly. When cleaning tire sides, good chemistry just can not do it alone. You can buy a good enough product for cleaning your tire sides, then use a soft brush to touch it with. Once you have rinsed the tires down and taken a microfiber towel to wipe the tires off, you will still get dirt on the towel. We have tried it SO many times before. And the solution to the problem is to have a proper and proper brush for the purpose. So does it make sense to have a cover brush? Yes!

  • Helps you clean your tire sides
  • Short design - fits well in the hand
  • Brush hair adapted to the product. Good with bite and flexibility. Do not swine
  • Can also be used for cleaning fabric mats
  • Easy to clean after use
  • Has a hole in the end so it can be hung on a hook and dried after use

We recommend combining it with tire cleaning products such as Rebound