Claybar (100 grams)

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Auto Glanz Claybar - When the paint should be completely clean

With Auto Glanz Claybar, you can choose from 3 different claybars for the mechanical cleaning of the varnish. The clay bars effectively remove stuck tar, fly rust, glue, resin and insect residues - which cannot be removed with chemicals. The bars are available in 3 different hardnesses, so you can choose the bar that suits the amount of precipitation in your particular varnish. Each clay bar comes in a convenient box for storage - so you can save the part of your clay bar that you will not use at a later date. & Nbsp;

Rough - Medium - Fine

... The choice is yours. One thing is certain. Here you get high quality clay bars which help you to get your varnish super smooth and ready for polishing. & Nbsp;

Claybars come in 3 different types:

Rough / Aggressive: For the paint that has never been or where it may have been a very long time since the paint has been thoroughly cleaned. The clay bar handles the fallout extremely well.

Medium / Regular: For the varnish that is reasonably suited, but where you may / may not quite know whether to choose one bar over the other. Here, the medium suits most people.

Fine: For the varnish that has been continuously cleaned with chemical cleaning, but may need a light polishing. The fine clay bar minimizes the risk of scratches as much as possible in the mechanical process. & Nbsp;

Contents: Each clay bar is 100 grams


Make sure that the paint is chemically cleaned of tar and fly rust with resp. Spar-Tar and Blood Tonic . 

  1. Unpack a clay bar and cut or break it into 4 pieces
  2. Press the bar out to form a pancake
  3. Spray a little Lubed lubricant on a pane or glass - and then run the clay bar across the glass until it is completely flat
  4. Then spray plenty of Lubed on one panel at a time and gently rub the clay bar across the surface until it feels smooth
  5. Wipe the surface and proceed to the next panel

The varnish is now ready for polishing.