Bucket Organizer

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Auto Glanz Bucket Organizer - Organize your wash!

With the Bucket Organizer from Auto Glanz, you get a smart piece of hardware that you can mount on the side of your wash buckets. This way you can organize and store everything from brushes to microfiber and chemicals. Yes, everything you now use for a car wash. Each Bucket Organizer has 2 holes in the bottom, so that the water from your equipment does not stand in the bottom of it. Super cool tool for your wash basin.

The equipment you must own

Once you've tried having a Bucket Organizer, you won't want to be without it again. It is a super cool piece of hardware to have in your washing setup, as you can easily organize all your gear in it.

How often do you have e.g. haven't you been looking for a brush at the bottom of your bucket? Yes, or for that matter your washing hand. Place it instead in your Bucket Organizer.

When you have finished using your equipment, you can put it in the Bucket Organizer and after this you can move it from the side of your bucket, into your bucket. This way you can have all your gear gathered in one place. Super smart!

The price is per PCS. Bucket sold separately.