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Auto Glanz Bubblicious - High-end shampoo with wax

With Bubblicious you get a pH-neutral shampoo which contains real carnauba wax.

The shampoo is designed to take the best possible care of your existing paint, no matter whether it is protected with a paint sealer or wax.

It produces lots of foam and has so much lubricant in it, ensuring a super low friction when you wash your car.

With the added carnauba, it also adds an extra layer of protection to the paint every time you wash.

The extra protection can not only be felt. It can also be seen as the water more easily releases the paint during rinsing.

Finally, it has a wonderful scent of bubble gum - which is released as soon as it foams in the bucket. Fantastic shampoo!


A good shampoo is probably the most important product in your arsenal.

At Auto Glanz we know that. Therefore, with Bubblicious, we've done incredible effort to produce a high-end shampoo that will do "what a good shampoo should do".

More specifically:

  • To be able to isolate and lift dirt away from the surface
  • Be good at maintaining the existing paint protection
  • Add extra protection and shine
  • Be super concentrated
  • Be a pleasure to work with

You'll notice that you're working with a quality shampoo immediately.

Bubblicious foams really well in the bucket. And right away you can smell the glorious scent of bubble gum.

As soon as you dip your washing hand in the bucket, you immediately feel the abundant content of lubricant. And you "hear" it again right away as soon as you wash the paint. The almost "sticky" sound emphasizes the high content of lubricant.

Next, you notice the carnauba wax. On our test car, we can clearly see how it lays itself in layers as soon as the washing hand comes across the paint. That's pretty cool.

To begin with, we thought; "What happens when the paint is rinsed off. Is bubblicious going to be stuck on the paint or what?".

But, it does not at all. When you rinse off the shampoo, it releases the paintnice and easy. And the water, it just repels nicely. In fact the water runs off a little better due to the increased protection. And the shine ... You'll notice it right away!

How to apply: 

  • Fill your bucket 2/3 full with warm water
  • Put your washing hand in the bucket
  • Pour 30-50 ml Bubblicious on top of the washing hand
  • Distribute the shampoo in the washing bucket
  • Fill the rest of the bucket with a hard jet so that the shampoo foams up
  • Wash from top to bottom using the 2 wash bucket method
  • Rinse thoroughly with water