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Auto Glanz Brute - As close to touchless as possible

Brute is an advanced, highly concentrated and extremely effective pre-wash.

Based on the latest nanotechnology cleaning agents, you get a product that can help you perform as close to a touchless wash as possible.

Brute can also be used for a variety of cleaning purposes and is wax-safe at certain dilutions. Can be used both via trigger bottle, pump sprayer or via foam lance.

Really effective!

Brute is not a miracle wonder you spray on your car and rinse off - and then end up with a 100% clean car.


it's very close!

Brute is one of the most powerful pre-washes we have had in our hands for private & professional use. Here is real bang for the buck, as even diluted 1:10 in the foam lance - it still performs exceptionally well!

On a winter-run family car that had not been washed for more than a month - we could, through application with a foam lance, get to a level - where we had to get close to the paint, and actually touch it to see if there was more dirt left on it.

And (to our surprise) - There was none!

It had just a bit of traffic film which in turn only had to be gently touched - and then we had a completely clean paint.

Diluted in a pump sprayer it was a little different.

At the same concentration, dirt in inner wheel arches and the bottom 1/3 of the car were almost completely removed. Dirt on wheels, was loosened and removed without any issues.

This is where to use it

We recommend it on:

  • Lots of dirt / Can be degreasing in ratios 1:10 - 1:200
  • Wax - safe from ratio 1:50. Can be diluted up to 1:400 (!)
  • Cleaning of wheels - ratio 1:10-1:100 depending on how dirty the wheels are and whether they are protected in advance.

We think that Brute is ideal for washing / maintaining your car in the autumn and winter in higher concentrations.

Especially because you get some extra cleaning power that you do not find in other typical pre-washes. Brute will make the car cleaner at the pre-wash stage. And it takes much less physical touch to clean the paint in the next step.

In the summer, you can dilute it harder - and use it to effectively remove seasonal insects and traffic film. So, mixed in 1:50 - you really get a lot of insect repellent / prew-ash for the money.

Does it create a rich foam?

No, but you get a stuck thin film - which effectively softens the surface.

It's important that you do not let yourself be dazzled by the fact that "thick foam is good foam". In the case with Brute - it's the exact opposite!

Application through the foam lance is fast, but at the same time the least effective solution when comparing to diluting it in a trigger bottle or pump sprayer.


  • Lots of power!
  • Probably the closest you get to touchless washing in "off-the-shelf products"
  • Can be used for a multitude of external cleaning purposes (both when you need to get in depth, but also for ongoing care)
  • Incredibly concentrated. The right mix depends on the purpose. See indicative mixtures above
  • Wax safe and still effective at 1:50!

How To Guide:

  1. Shake the bottle thoroughly before use / new mixture:
  2. Dilute to the desired purpose
  3. Then distribute the product on a cold surface
  4. Do not allow the product to dry
  5. Rinse after a few minutes.

Continue to the next desired step in your washing process.

Note: The product is alkaline, which is why a proper pump sprayer / trigger bottle is recommended.