Blood Tonic

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Auto Glanz Blood Tonic - Dilutable Fallout Remover

With Blood Tonic you get a gel-based fallout remover which can be diluted up to 1:3 if you wish. By being gel-based, it adheres vey well to the paint.

This means that you get a long dwell time from the product on the paint. 

Blood Tonic can also be used on your wheels to dissolve burned in brake dust.

The product is pH-neutral and does not tear your paint protection.

In the best Auto Glanz style, it comes with a good atomizer and added scent of cranberries, so it is a good experience to work with!

Beat the Fallout!

Why would you not treat as you go instead of waiting till the fallout is really bad?


Truth is - many people don't treat the fallout before the whole car is filled up!

Maybe one  one of the reasons for it is due to a high cost of the fallout remover?


Since Blood Tonic can be diluted, it makes it the obvious product for people who want to take on the problem in advance. So for example 5 liters of Blood Tonic can become 20 liters of ready-mixed product.

This gives you more product for your money, which makes it a little more fun to treat the paint on an ongoing basis, instead of waiting until the problem is immense.


Unlike many other fallout removers, Blood Tonic is gel-based.

This means that when you spray it on - it adheres to the surface without dripping of quickly. This gives blood Tonic more time to process the fallout and in the end a more efficient product.

You can safely use Blood Tonic on all exterior surfaces.

As it is pH-balanced, it can be used on sensitive surfaces such as untreated metal and wrapped paint. In addition, Auto Glanz has conjured up a bit of chemistry, so it also has some cleansing properties. Perfect, if you also use it on your wheels - to get rid of a little dirt and grime.


  • Attacks fallout / metal particles
  • Acid-free alternative to a wheel cleaner
  • Decomposes brake dust and oils
  • Can be diluted 1: 3 - making it cost effective
  • Is safe to use on all surfaces
  • Has added the scent of cranberries that cover the normal bad smell a bit

How To Guide:

On lacquer:

  • Wash the car thoroughly and dry it
  • Spray Blood Tonic on the surface and wait a few minutes
  • Rinse - or take a damp microfiber towel and touch the surface, then rinse

In connection with paint correction, you can subsequently proceed to the tar remover or clay bar after going through the above steps.

On Wheels:

  • Flush the wheels
  • Spray the product on
  • Wait a few minutes and rinse or use a wheel brush to process the area, then rinse off

Note: Do not use the product in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces. Do not allow the product to dry.