Aqua Seal

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Auto Glanz Aqua Seal - Quick sealing

Aqua Seal is a nano-based wetcoat / wet sealer that you can use to seal or add extra protection right after washing the car.

Unlike similar products, the product can also be used on dry varnish as a traditional sealer.

As a wetcoat, it leaves less water to wipe off after rinsing, minimizing the risk of scratches applied during drying the car. The product leaves a good protection and a super glossy varnish - which can be topped up after each wash.

Very easy to use

So how is Aqua Seal different from the competition?

The application on the wet varnish is as you may know it. 2-3 sprays per panel and then rinse off.

During the application, you immediately see that the water contracts and when you then rinse - the protection is activated and the water begins to pearl down from the paint.

The super hydrophobic effect means that the water slides off the paint and does not reside in a large lump. This therefore means that there is less water on the paint after rinsing and thus there is less water to wipe off. And - less wiping means less risk of scratching the paint during wiping.

Unlike other similar products, you can also use it as a regular sealants on dry paint.

This gives you the opportunity to choose your preferred application method.

If you want to test its other capabilities - you also use it as a frying aid.

Beautiful gloss

Aqua Seal strength is the shine it leaves in the combination of how easy it is to use.

It is impressive what you can do with a simple product like this even on paint that has not been maintained and preserved.

Basically - just use Aqua Seal after each wash and then have a car that always looks nice and shiny.

As an example - we tested Aqua Seal on a 2 year old Peugeot 2008 which had never seen anything but a car wash. The car was hand washed thoroughly and then we sprayed Aqua Seal on ... and wow - it looked amazing!

In terms of durability - expect to use it after each car was to keep that freshly sealed glossy look. 


  • Easy to use
  • Gives the paint an extreme gloss
  • Provides nice beading - Less water on the paint makes it easier to dry
  • Can be used on both wet and dry surfaces
  • Can also be used on glass, plastic and your wheels

How to Guide:

As a Wetcoat:

  • On wet freshly washed varnish - spray 2-3 times
  • Rinse immediately.
  • Do not allow the product to dry on the surface

As a Spray sealer:

  • Spray 1 to max 2 sprays to one panel at a time
  • Distribute it evenly on the panel with a dry towel
  • Turn the towel and buff to a high shine finish


Can I use it on a ceramic coated paint?
We have tested it without problems - it just boosts the water-repellent effect (as in crazy)

Can I use it on a paint that has a paint sealer or wax?
Since not all paint sealants and waxes are created the exact same way, we can't guarantee it. However, we have tried a few different types and it did not cause any issues.

Can I use it on rims and glass?