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Auto Glanz Alkalloy - Cost-effective, acid-free wheel cleaner

Alkalloy is a cost-effective non-acidic, phosphorus-free and non-caustic wheel cleaner that can be diluted up to 1:20.

Undiluted, Alkalloy has a high pH value - which can be balanced depending on how much dirt you want to remove.

The wheel cleaner is both suitable if you clean your rims frequently (diluted a lot) - but also if you only clean them when they are very dirty (diluted a little).

As the product comes as a concentrate, you can adjust the strength yourself - so that it suits your needs and desire for efficiency.

500 ml Alkalloy can give up to 10 liters of ready-mixed Wheel Cleaner!

Good Non-acidic Wheel Cleaner

Are you looking for an effective and non-acidic wheel cleaner, where you have the opportunity to adjust the strength of this - then you should take a closer look at Alkalloy.

Alkalloy is, as the name implies, in its concentrated form, a powerful alkaline wheel cleaner with a high pH value. The cleaner (undiluted) you use it, the more cleaning power you get.

Where a typical pH-neutral wheel cleaner is good for removing brake dust, Alkalloy will, due to its higher pH value, easier remove dirt and traffic film.

Something that most people take a little too granted when choosing a wheel cleaner.

Brake dust and traffic film will naturally get on your wheels nut a wheel cleaner like Alkalloy just has the necessary strength to remove this traffic film - so wheel sealer / coating can its job.

Once you have applied it, you will notice when you touch it that it foams up and has good lubricant. The foam helps to move the dirt to the surface, so it can be rinsed off more easily when it is loosened.

Incredible value

The product undiluted is fairly priced, but nonetheless, you get it extremely cheap if you dilute 500 ml of Alkalloy 1: 9. If you clean your wheels frequently, then this is a super cost-effective wheel cleaner. All this can be done because the product contains  mild alkaline additives. So even though the product is heavily diluted - it has plenty of cleaning power.

Contents: From 500 ml


  • Cost effective
  • Acid and phosphorus free
  • Not caustic
  • Safe to use, even on bare surfaces in aluminum and steel
  • Lots of cleaning power
  • Can be diluted up to 1:20

How To Use: 

  • Shake well before use
  • Dilute the product in a spray bottle or pump sprayer
  • Spray the product directly on the wheel. Remember to get into hooks and edges
  • Let the product dwell for a moment, but do not let it dry out
  • Touch with a detailing brush / wheel brush if necessary
  • Rinse with plenty of water 

How much should I dilute the product?

  • Very dirty rims 1: 1 - 1: 5
  • Maintenance wash 1: 5 - 1:10
  • Sealed /coated Wheels and bare untreated surfaces 1: 8 - 1:20

May I use the product in the sun?
No, avoid using it in direct sunlight and hot surfaces.