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Auto Glanz AIO - Fantastic AIO!

AIO is an all-in-one polish that can help remove minor scratches - but above all get a fantastic shine back in the paint surface, while protecting the paint.

You do not necessarily need a big deal of preparation to get good results with the product.

AIO can be used for hand polishing, but can also be combined with a polishing machine to get a little more cut.

If you just want a paint that looks great, has a nice shine and is subsequently protected - then you should choose Auto Glanz AIO.

All you need

All-in-one products are incredibly popular.

And we fully understand that.

Because here you can get amazing results with minimal effort. Eg. with AIO.

You do not necessarily have to clay and use the big machines to remove sediment in the paint.

Because the abrasives in the product are good enough to also clean the paint.

Yes, AIO here can even remove a little fallout! And you feel it immediately after working with the product.

The surface gets that soft and deliciously smooth surface - even when polishing by hand.

Completely as it is "just clayed". It's pretty cool.

And the shine you get afterwards definitely makes you think;

"Why should I use effort on a 3-step polish?"

Well, there are naturally limits to a 1-step product as AIO.


There are a lot of people who hear about polishing and improving the paint and think that it is something that takes place for a whole weekend using a polishing machine.

However with AIO:

That doesn't have to be the case, in order to get a paint that looks great!

Simple to use

In our test, we applied AIO by hand polishing.

Application is really simple:

Use an applicator for hand polishing, or even just a microfiber cloth.

Work AIO in straight strokes until it becomes transparent. Let it sit for a while and then wipe off. On to the next panel. That's all there is to it. 

You will get:

  • Paint where dirt and minor scratches have been removed 
  • Fantastic shine
  • Protection as a paint sealer

Straight after you can in theory drive a trip with the family, to meetings or downtownto shop. No additional curing time is required.


Does it last?

AIO contains some of what you find in Auto Glanz paint sealer Synth Seal as well as the quick detailer Smooth Velvet.

This means that the product has a good ability to adhere to the surface and retain the gloss of the paint.

It also provides some good self-cleaning properties, so just a light touch when washing is enough to remove dirt and grime.

And as the picture shows, you can see that you also get a beautiful beading!

The protection lasts up to a few months, unless you top it up with a wax or quick detailer. And in all fairness - thats's extremely good!

Contents: 500 ml

How to guide:

Application by hand:

  • Make sure the paint is just washed
  • Remove fallout and tar if you wish (and for best results)
  • Apply a small amount of product on a hand polisher
  • Work in an area of approximately ​​30x30 cm at a time, applying a light to medium pressure.
  • Work with the product until it changes from a white to clear transparent surface colour.
  • Let the AIO sit for a moment so the product can bind to the paint.
  • Wipe with a microfiber towel until you have the high beautiful shine. We recommend Auto Glanz Laser Edge 380.

Application with a Dual Action Polisher:

  • Make sure the paint is just washed
  • Remove fallout and tar if you wish (and for best results)
  • Apply 2-3 drops on a fine polishing pad.
  • Make sure the machine is set to the lowest speed
  • Distribute the product from side to side on a surface of 60x60 cm without putting pressure on the machine
  • As soon as the AIO starts to become transparent, the speed of the machine increases. You are also welcome to put a little pressure on the machine.
  • Make 3-4 overlaps
  • Wipe with a microfiber towel until you have the high beautiful shine. We recommend Auto Glanz Laser Edge 380.